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Give Grace Podcast

Dec 4, 2017

In this episode, we dive into just how important it is to be mindful of the setting and the timing of approaching a friend who is grieving. We may want to cheer them up or maybe the first time we’re seeing them since a tragedy happens to be in the middle of Target. While we want to acknowledge our friend and what they’re going through, public places aren’t really the time.

The whole idea goes back to being gentle with those who struggle and being mindful of how they’re feeling. Pray for them and love them but remember that who they are, their beliefs and their experiences will shape how they see the world around them. If you yourself can’t see things through their eyes, connect them with those you know who can. If you know someone who has been through a similar struggle, a mentor or contact can give them the opportunity to know that others have been in their shoes before and have been able to come out on top.

Another great idea is to read up on what your friend is going through, whether it be infertility, loss or any other struggle. The act of taking the time to understand them shows so much love and is something they will truly appreciate. When you can better understand where there mind is at, you know how to speak and interact with them. In this podcast, we’ll discuss some of the insensitive yet common phrases we often hear. When you can figure out how to talk to and approach a friend who’s grieving, it gives them the strength and support that they so desperately need.