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Give Grace Podcast

Aug 28, 2017

We are thrilled to have you joining us for our first official podcast! This is something that the Lord has put on our hearts, and we are so excited to be able to share in this journey with you. We truly hope to shed light on stories of heartache and suffering, so that you do not feel alone. Our hope is that you will leave this podcast feeling so encouraged! In this podcast, I am sharing my story! You will hear me talking about marriage and our struggle with infertility. I’m sharing all about how I learned to be content through the suffering and season of waiting. I will be walking you through all the twists and turns of our crazy past five and half years. I will be telling you about my husband and myself, our marriage, when we decided to start trying to have children, all the ups and downs that went along with our IVF treatments, our Give Grace campaign and the heart behind it, and finally, sharing with you about how after all of the suffering, we are having little twin miracle boys. God is SO GOOD. I will also be sharing all about God’s goodness that he reveals to us during struggles and hard times. He is able and he is faithful in your journey.  If you are in any kind of a valley, I truly encourage you to really lean on the Lord and lay whatever it is that you want at the foot of the cross. I will be talking about how doing that is truly what helped lead me to such contentment. We really hope and pray that this podcast and these upcoming podcasts will make you  feel less alone. We pray that you will have a renewed sense of joy by leaning on the Lord. God loves you infinitely more than you can possibly imagine, how incredible is that?