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Give Grace Podcast

Aug 31, 2017

We wanted to use this podcast to give a voice to an issue that a lot of us struggle with in silence. Everyday, we flood our minds with images of our friends and family doing happy things, making cool memories and living lives we feel we can’t keep up with. If there’s one thing we want you to know, it’s that comparison is absolutely the thief of joy.

When we feel we aren’t measuring up to the lives of everyone around us, we feel inferior and excluded from the “norm”. Through our infertility struggles, Koral and I have felt this in so many ways. We felt betrayed by our bodies and ashamed in our own skin, in our own lives and we felt so alone. As women, we know that women walk through many difficult seasons in life, yet we always forget that everyone is struggling right alongside us, just with a different battle. In this podcast, we call you to have empathy for one another and to be present and real with each other even when it’s uncomfortable. Most importantly, we need to give validity to everyone’s story. God gives us all our own unique stories, with different ups and downs than anyone else. So to beat ourselves up or compare our story to anyone else’s is so, so wrong. Everything you’re going through and have gone through is for a reason. We hope that this podcast encourages you to keep marching on and to do so hand in hand with the woman struggling beside you, with grace, respect and empathy.