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Give Grace Podcast

Oct 2, 2017

I started my Give Grace journey thinking that if one person was able to relate to my story and feel just a little bit better, it would all be worth it. Through my decision to hit the 'share' button on my very first blog post, I have made countless connections to some pretty amazing people. Through social media, I connected with Katherine who was going through many of the same infertility struggles as I was.

By opening up and being honest in our struggles, Katherine and I have been able to learn so much from each other. She has introduced me to the idea of "Waiting Well" and learning to trust in the Lord's refining process. Through this episode, Katherine shares the importance of strengthening confidence in the idea that we don't have to be labeled with shame and unworthiness and a lowered sense of womanhood. Instead, we have the opportunity to band together and pour into a community of unbelievably strong women who have taught us to lean into god and trust in our marriages and our savior.

With infertility, it's common for people to assume that the issues lay with one side of the marriage and that the wife is carrying so much more of the burden. Katherine's husband Trey felt the calling to share his side of their journey as a couple and completely shattered that notion. In Katherine's own words, she beautifully explains the unity and teamwork that infertility creates and demands within a marriage.

By listening to Gods calling to share these stories, both Katherine and I feel that it has created an invaluable support community for us in our journeys. We hope you walk away from this episode feeling encouraged to share your own story and walk side by side with the people around you, because you never know what kind of relationship might be waiting for you just behind that 'share' button.