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Give Grace Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

Lauren and I got to know each other in college through my brother and I have always been so drawn to her authentic heart. When she reached out to share her story on the podcast, I knew there would be so many out there that would be encouraged by her words.
After losing her mom and then a tough break up shortly after, Lauren began to question her faith and start down a dark path. Growing up in the church, she felt like she was supposed to have it all together so she stuffed her feelings deep down inside so no one would know. The isolation led to more darkness and an identity as "the sad girl" that had come to accept. Once she decided to let people in and allow community to carry her through, true healing began.
Lauren shares practical tips for walking through darkness and speaks so much encouragement to anyone walking through a hard season. She challenges us to let go of the expectation to have it all together and just be real with God and the people around you.