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Give Grace Podcast

Jan 2, 2018

I met my friend Blakely Stephenson when we were freshman at Auburn and in the same sorority, but Blakely didn’t have the usual college experience. When she became pregnant and got married at the age of 19, she was forced to grow up fast.

This sudden change of lifestyle brought along feelings of shame and guilt. She showed the physical changes of a growing belly when she walked around campus, but she hid the emotional pain of feeling like she had let both her parents and the Lord down, even when her parents were quick to support her. Through it all, both Blakely and her husband accepted their sin and watched as God used his mercy and grace to transform it into the beautiful gift of a baby boy. 11 years later, Blakely and her husband have continued to battle side by side through every trial and continue to seek him out in ways that follow their new mantra - living by conviction and not by convenience.

Through this episode, we learn how to acknowledge our mistakes and turn to God for healing and guidance, no matter how small we think the situation is. Blakley also shares how important it is to seek support and love from the community God places around us and lastly, how to heal our own “heart conditions”.