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Give Grace Podcast

Nov 6, 2017

I am so excited to share this episode with y’all because it features one of my biggest influencers, my high school mentor and bible teacher, Miss Jordan. She has spent her life spreading a ministry of transformation by the grace of Jesus Christ. She started this with the Redeemed Girl ministry and has written 7 books. That’s a lot of powerful stuff, but there is one word that truly has shaped everything for her.

In this episode, Miss Jordan tells the incredible story of how she learned to “stand”. It was in a time of trial and uncertainty in her relationship that she learned to ignore the waves of “what ifs” and uncertainties and instead put her complete trust in the Lord.

No matter what your struggle is, whether it’s infertility, relationship struggles or spiritual warfare like her husband Justin encountered, it’s so important to remember that God can always do more than your eyes can see.

Her story is an amazing testament to the grace of the Holy Spirit that you HAVE to hear. It’s time to put feet to our faith and stand firm in the belief that the Lord has bigger plans for us than we ever could for ourselves.