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Give Grace Podcast

Oct 17, 2017

I’ve often preached the words “Give Grace” and highlighted the fact that you never really know what someone else is going through. Whether they are your parents, your siblings, your best friend or your next door neighbor, we all fight battles that sometimes only ourselves and God are aware of. You’ve heard the depths of my story with infertility. Through this podcast series, we’ve listened to the struggles with addiction that my brother Russell went through and now, this episode offers an eye opening look into my sister Becca’s personal battle with an eating disorder.

What had started as an innocent goal to train for a half marathon and tryout for Baylor’s cheer squad spiraled into what she describes at “exercise bulimia”. Her unhealthy habits brought her all the way down to 90lbs and left her with a fear of her own future. Thanks to the outreach of family and friends, she was able to lean on her support system and find the strength in the Lord to overcome her battles. When it comes to truly helping someone both physically and prayerfully, she explains to us why it’s so important to understand where they are in their struggle and where they need to be.

I know firsthand the amazing healing that speaking out about your battles can have, and through my relationship with my sister, we were able to discover and establish an open and continuous conversation. My hope with this series and this episode is to create continuing conversations that don’t end when the podcast does. No matter what those around you are struggling with, don’t avoid talking things out or the asking the hard questions. Give them grace and understanding and prepare to walk the road together.