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Give Grace Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

There is a side to infertility that doesn’t quite get the same recognition or sympathy as most situations do. One person who can understand this firsthand is my good friend Erin Tuohy. Erin and her husband gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy and already were planning to follow with many more babies in the few years after. Her dreams of her young family were put on hold when she suffered several miscarriages after the birth of their first son. She went through surgery and periods of time when she was so hurt and angry with God she couldn’t understand why he would do something like this to her. Instead of just asking God the questions, she seeked his answers in scripture. She studied verses that taught her who God is and found hope in the fact that God answers prayers in ways that we don’t sometimes want to see. He answers each and every prayer we have in his own ways. Erin realized at this point she had two choices: to be happy and to trust God or to continue being angry and upset at the rest of the world. She chose the first, and has followed that path ever since.

Secondary infertility is often met with misunderstanding and the idea that “at least you were able to have one”. Like we mention frequently in this podcast, there is such a need for people to understand the right and wrong things to say to someone struggling with infertility. In this episode Erin and I break down the right and wrong ways to talk to a friend who’s hurting and also touch on the importance of being brave, sharing your story and letting your voice be heard.