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Give Grace Podcast

Sep 25, 2017

This episode serves as a follow up to episode 5, where my brother Russell shared with us his personal story of overcoming addiction and finding hope in the lord. I so believe that sharing our stories is instrumental in our calling as Christians. It allows us to bridge the gap between ourselves and the people around us. It's how we make friends out of strangers and ultimately, believers out of non-believers.

While God has given us each these unique stories, he's given us opportunities to be lights for him in the world. Ministering to others by sharing our stories and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is a big idea, but its made up of a lot of little steps that are taken through continuous, conscious efforts.

In this episode, Russell shares the practical steps of opening up to one another and sharing your experiences confidently. It's not always easy letting other people see the darkest parts of our lives, but as my brother explains, it's so, so worth it.