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Give Grace Podcast

Oct 23, 2017

As a friend, it can be pretty tough trying to love someone through infertility and loss. Sometimes we don’t know the right things to say or really what to do at all. We know that the bible tells us to help our friends and take on their burdens as our own, but sometimes we just don’t know how.

So often we feel like we have to fix things or fill the void when things get uncomfortable. Throughout this episode, Koral and I hope to share our experiences loving on one another in a way that helps you feel confident to do the same in your friendships, especially when things get uncomfortable.

Often times the best thing to do is just listen and tell your friend you’re sorry they have to go through this. Meet them where they are, wrap your arms around them and let them feel their emotions. I know firsthand that it can feel so good to receive the validation that this season of life is unfair and scary. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions and don’t pretend like nothing has happened. As friends, we all have to challenge each other to be better. So with this episode, we’re challenging you to go above and beyond for the people around you. Because if they need it now, you’re going eventually going to need it too.