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Give Grace Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

One thing we often take for granted is our health. It’s easy to forget just how amazing it is to be healthy until we are faced with complications or scares. For me it was infertility and the status of my reproductive health. For my friend Haley Ryan, it was a long and exhausting battle with Lyme Disease. Haley and I were roommates in college, and the Haley I knew was extremely active and fit. She played sports, coached cheerleading, did crossfit, trained for half marathons and was just two years into her marriage when she received her life changing diagnosis. Over the next several years, she would visit 14 different specialists and undergo various surgeries to solve problems both she and her doctors didn’t know the cause of. While she was fighting the disease physically, it was also taking a toll on her mentally and spiritually as well. She slipped into depressive states and struggled with a loss of identity that came with the loss of her health. She didn’t know why God would let something like this happen to her and couldn’t seem to find the answers for any of her questions. In addition to her running list of doctors and specialist, her mom invited a prayer warrior into her life who changed everything. Once Haley learned to change her mindset and focus on her blessing instead of her burdens, she began coming closer and closer to God. She wasn’t ashamed to ask for prayers and didnt’ feel guilty that she wasn’t out living what she thought was her purpose. She put her faith in God and learned to lean on the people he had placed around her. Since then, she has come to find her identity in Him and his plans for her, whatever they may be.