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Give Grace Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

In this podcast, we’re able to hear the amazing testimony of my new friend Krystalle Wheeler, the founder of Lullaby of Hope. After a miscarriage in 2012, Krystalle struggled with the idea of feeling like a statistic and fighting the emotions of guilt, blame and grief. When a second baby died at 21 weeks, Krystalle turned completely to the Lord and poured her emotions into him. At the time, Krystalle couldn’t find enough resources to support her during her grief.

Through Lullaby of Hope, she has provided these resources to women everywhere. Each item has been a tool she feels helped her and her team through their own struggles.

Like our own, this ministry has created so many friendships for Krystalle with the women she connects to. She is a beautiful example of how to love on others and take care of someone else’s heart. In this episode, Krystalle explains how to be present during a friend’s struggle with infertility or other hard times in life. Through her own experiences, she has painted a beautiful picture of grief not wasted. Through her walks with miscarriage, she has received the gift of empathy and the ability to be intentional in her interactions with friends and family. Her ministry is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and we hope you are able to find inspiration and direction in her words to intently care for someone else’s heart.