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Give Grace Podcast

Sep 19, 2017

I’ve been blessed to be able to use Scarlet & Gold as a platform to share my personal story and struggles with infertility. Knowing that my words reach so many people who are fighting the same battle has helped me heal in so many ways. In this podcast, I chose to feature the story of someone very close to me who struggled with another battle that like infertility, hasn’t always been talked about.

My brother, Russell Dixon, amazes me in his ability to relate to and bring people to Christ through his personal story. Much like I so badly wanted to have a baby, Russell was captivated by a dream to play major league baseball. Through our own unique experiences, we both realized that being so consumed by that thing we want most stopped us from just being content or enjoying the season of life God wanted for us. When we allow ourselves to focus on just one aspect in our lives, we aren’t always aware of the changes taking place both in and around ourselves.

For Russell, that meant realizing the dependency his daily life had on drugs and alcohol. While his addiction took him to some dark places, it has been instrumental in his more recent calling to bring others to the light of God. If you’re feeling consumed by your own struggles, I encourage you to listen to my brother’s story and take his advice on changing your perspective, giving things up to God and finding a friend or community to confide in.